Yakiniku Sizzle

711 Cooke St. Honolulu, HI 96813

TEL.(808) 376-8948

Great quality beef with great prices

Yakiniku Sizzle serve A5 rank Miyazaki Japanese Beef, Washugyu, and Prime beef for Yakiniku. To enjoy our great quality of Yakiniku, we set a price cheaper as much as we can.


Exclusive chef made original sauces

Starting from Chef made 3 dipping sauces, Garlic soy sauce, Sake Salt Sauce, all of our sauces is chef original including Yakiniku Marinating sauce, Wagyu Tataki Sauce, Wagyu roasted beef sauce, Wagyu Tartar sauce and more. They go well with each dishes and make beef tastier.

Far infrared Smokeless grill made beef tender

We chose far infrared smokeless grill for our Yakiniku Grill. The reason why we chose this grill because this grill came out much less smoke and smell than the other grills. This grill has lava rocks inside the grill, lava rocks release far infrared rays and far infrared rays make beef tender and vegetable sweeter.

Plenty choices of Lunch, great valued and yummy

Our Lunch time specials is not only good valued Yakiniku Set but also various types of Lunch Set menu. There are so many types of chef’s original menu starting from using Wagyu such as Wagyu Roasted Beef, Wagyu Hamburg Steak, Wagyu Menchi Katsu, and Wagyu Tongue Stew, our popular menu such as Sukiyaki Set, Omelet rice, Pork Kakuni Bowl, and Tonkotsu Ramen. In addition, their prices are cheap, please come to try our lunch specials.


We join Farmers market to sell our Bento every week

We serve not only our popular bowl and bento but also farmers market specials. Please come to grab your favorite Bentos.